The employer (a company) should apply for the work permit in order to hire a foreign employee. The overall process of getting a work permit could be split into the following seven steps:  


          1. Preparing necessary documents from the employee: a passport, a notarized translation of the passport, a photo cards of the employee, tax ID number, etc.

The list of documents may be longer if foreigner belongs to the special category of employees.

      2. Preparing necessary documents from the employer: a draft of a labor agreement, an application to the labor center.

These documents may be easily generated with the help of telegram @workpermitbot.

       3. Submitting documents to the labor center.

Documents may be submitted to the local labor center in your city or to the service center. In Kyiv, such a service center is located in the trade center “UKRAINE”.

       4. Paying the administrative fee

The concrete amount is not stable, it changes several times a year and depends on the social non-taxable minimum which is subject to approval by the parliament each year. For 2019 the cost is near 400 EUR for 3 years permit.

       5. Picking up a work permit

Labour center proceeds the documentation up to 7 days. You may get an email, that work permit is ready to pick up or email about some shortcomings in your application, which means that you should fix them asap, otherwise your application may be rejected.

        6. Signing a labor contract

Upon getting a work permit Employer and Employee should sign a labor contract a draft of which was submitted earlier.

        7. Submitting a copy of the labor contract to the labor center.

It is the last step, it proves, that the employee has been properly employed. Such copy should be submitted within 10 days after the contract has been signed. Failure to fulfill this step may lead to the cancellation of the work permit.

We hope this information would be helpful. Anyway, we recommend hiring a lawyer to run the process smoothly.

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