The most common way to become legalized in Ukraine is through registering a business in Ukraine and getting employed in your company on a position of a director. To do that the foreigner should do the following:

  1. Get a Tax ID number

Foreigner should apply in person to the tax authority or issue a power of attorney to a lawyer, also a notarized translation of the passport to be submitted.

  1. Prepare of the necessary documents for the company registration

It is a task for lawyers, they would need following information from founders: сompany’s name, types of business activity, taxation system, amount of charter capital, number of shareholders, proportion of shares, address and contacts of the shareholder, a copy of shareholder’s passport, etc.

  1. Arrange a business address for the company

It could be any address in Ukraine, both office or home. If you don’t have the address, it could be rent in Kyiv for 450 USD per year.

  1. Arrange a temporary (nominal) director

Temporary director is needed for the period, until the foreigner gets a work permit. A temporary director could be a person who has permanent residency in Ukraine or a citizen of Ukraine. If you don’t have one in mind, a nominal director could be provided for USD 500 per month.

  1. Register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Ukraine.

LLC is the most common legal entity for doing business in Ukraine. Such registration may be done by a private notary, the cost is around 150 USD for the notary services.

  1. Get a work permit

Kyiv city labour center issues a 3 years’ work permits for the owners of the company.  The state fee for the 3-years work permit is around 450 USD. A telegram @workpermitbot could help you to apply online for a work permit. How to get a work permit?

  1. Get an employment D-visa

Visa fee depends on your nationality, but average price is 100 USD. Here is a list of documents for the employment visa. For the visa it is possible to apply in Ukrainian embassy out of Ukraine only.

  1. Change the director

The nominal director should be replaced by the foreign founder. Such a change may be done by a private notary and is based on decision of the shareholders meeting.

  1. Sign and submit a labour contract

New and old directors should sign a labour contract, a copy of it should be submitted to the labour center, which issued a work permit.  It confirms the employment of the foreigner. Not submitting such a doc may lead to cancellation of the work permit.

  1. Get a residence permit

It is possible to get a 3 years residence permit if your work permit is also for 3 years. Residence permit is to be issued by state migration office. How to apply (coming soon)?

  1. Register address of sta in Ukraine

The landlord (property owner) should give a written notary permission or come by himself to the administration office. (how to register coming soon)?

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