Nowadays, Ukrainian community provides numerous volunteering opportunities for foreigners. Non-profitable organizations encourage society to participate in projects concerned the healthcare, teaching, sport etc. At the same time legislation allows foreigners to stay in Ukraine for volunteering. Here is some information about volunteering projects in Ukraine:

Charitable organization “Tabletochki”

The “Tabletochki” Foundation helps in the treatment of cancer patients. They work with volunteers in hospitals, non-hospital volunteers, and fundraising volunteers. Volunteers come to the hospital to conduct creative classes, teach foreign languages. They arrange performances and contests for children, sing songs and read books. The team welcomes schoolchildren, students, active moms in the decree and employees of companies with different employment schedules. Most of the project participants are young people aged 20 to 30 who can spend 3-4 hours weekly volunteering while attending children in a hospital or helping out remotely. More than 50 volunteers are permanently involved in the work of the fund.


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GoGlobal is an initiative that promotes learning of foreign languages, volunteerism in Ukraine, intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy.

GoGlobal’s largest project is the native language campus with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​and with the involvement of foreign language volunteers from around the world! GoCamp is designed to help the new Ukrainian generation of children to speak foreign languages. Requirements for volunteers are very simple: knowledge of English, at least at the intermediate level, the desire to communicate with foreigners and open them to Ukraine, the ability to work with children and have an interest in educational change in Ukraine.

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Runday is a weekly running event for 5 km run with time fixation, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Participation is free and open to everyone, the results are published online, so every runner can track his progress or compete with friends.

For every event organization needs plenty of volunteers:  a time keeper (the person who fixes finishing time), token holder (a person who distributes tokens); a “scanner” (volunteer who scans QR codes of the participants) etc.  Also, there could be more active roles, as become a tale runner (last runner, who takes care of every slow runners) or be a race director (organize an event). More information about runday volunteering is here

Center of Volunteer Activity Volonter.Org

It is a non-governmental organization, Center of Volunteer Activity, which gathers information about most important volunteering projects in Ukraine, connects volunteers with such projects. At the same time initiative can assist volunteers with choosing a relevant program of volunteering for them as well as assist in communication with other NGOs.

It always provides fresh information about opportunities for volunteering and updates.

Residence Permit

As we mentioned before, for foreign volunteers who arrive to Ukraine to implement long term projects, Ukrainian legislation provides an option to obtain a long-term D visa and a one year temporary residence permit. Such permit even can be extended for more years. is able to assist you with choosing a volunteer program (some of them require only 4 hours per month of volunteering), getting all necessary documents for visa and a residence permit. Do not hesitate to contact now.

As it follows from the information given above, there are plenty of possibilities for locals and foreigners in active volunteer life of Ukraine. The only thing that is recommended to do is to act now, not to wait until the provided opportunities would be taken by someone else.